The Music's Industry' Hip-Hop Cop
" Bodyguard to the Stars "
Welcome to my World
Philly Hip-Hop Cop

From The  Desk  of :
Sweet Chuck  The Music Industry's Hip-Hop Cop
Howard I. Rubin  / Personal  Protection & Security Specialists

I'm writing  you to today to give  you  a little information about  myself .
I have worked in security and  law enforcement  for the past 30 years.
I worked in all parts of Philadelphia and many of the Housing project
throughout the city. I had an opportunity to work with all kinds of  
wonderful people.

I've learned to understand it's not how big you are but the way you
conduct yourself and treat  other people is the way you handle a problem.

I have lived  in Philadelphia for the past 40 years and  a great reputation
all over the city, from Mayor's office to the inner city.
I'm a Pennsylvania Certified State Agent, Pennsylvania Law Enforcement
Officer., trained and certified by the Pennsylvania State Police
Commission. I'm 5 feet tall and a piece of dyne-o- mite !! and street
creditability .
I can go anywhere in the city and get love and respect.
Today working in security or law enforcement in this millennium
you need to be on point, sometimes working 12-24 hours a day is never
Having  learned by thinking  and planning ahead you can make sure that
event can run like clock work,by thinking  before a problem arises, you
can  deal with it and accomplish the problem before it happens.
A lot of networking , planning with other people can make sure the event
go well and the artist is happy, safe, and secured at all times.

I am the best in the Business.

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